Wardrobe Workouts

Deb’s aim is to show women that there are lots of practical, inexpensive solutions to try, starting in their own wardrobe. Looking your best is not about what you spend, but about knowing what to do best with what you have. Remember, the focus of Stress Free Dressing is not on good or bad, but on better!

  • Increase your conscious awareness to make wiser choices.
  • Assess and/or organize your wardrobe – what works and what doesn’t?
  • Help you learn how you can use colour to add interest and finish.
  • Find new ways to combine your clothes that you hadn’t seen before.
  • Check that your clothes fit you, to show you at your best.
  • Find the gap that make dressing difficult, then shop with purpose.
  • Help you learn to determine the styles you like i.e. your style.
  • Help you learn new mix & match techniques to extend your wardrobe.
  • Lose the fear and dread of shopping by knowing how to shop.
  • Check if your current clothing matches your lifestyle.
  • Check if you are spending your clothing dollars wisely.
  • See that it is not about what you pay, but about what you do with it.
  • Discover that comfort and style do not exclude each other.
  • Learn that there are degrees of dress. Each addition makes a difference.
  • Understand wise use of your clothing dollars allows you money for other fun things.
  • Learn to accept compliments graciously. They will come!
  • Perfect is not reality. You are normal and wonderful as you are.


What can a Wardrobe Workout do for you?

  1. Deb works with you to teach you about styling.
  2. Deb works with you to declutter your wardrobe.
  3. Deb helps you identify what you might like to add to give the whole wardrobe some zing!

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