Anna’s Wardrobe Workout

Working with Anna

Wardrobe Workout with Anna

Anna is a beautiful young woman, but when we met she lacked confidence about wearing colour and about her appearance.

During our session she tried on lots of garments that she hadn’t worn and we found ways of putting them into use in her wardrobe.

She learned to use some lovely pieces of jewellery she already had and her confidence grew during the session.

From this experience I saw that:

– Anna just needed the encouragement to show herself at her best

– Anna feels the heat and thought black was a good camouflage and didn’t realise that even with black as a basic she could add lots of other colours by accessorising with crop jackets, jewellery and layering.

The Difference Colour Can Make

Deb Sawyer demonstrates the difference that adding colour can make to your wardrobe and how different colours do different things for you.

Choosing and wearing colours that flatter you – rather than over-using black and washed-out neutrals – is one of the quickest and most economical ways to look youthful and up-to-date. It costs no more to buy colour than black, but it can do so much good to how you look and feel!

Be adventurous with colour! It is very easy and safe to stay monochromatic, wearing shades of one colour. There is nothing wrong with monochromatic, and it can be done well if you add some different textures for interest, but without texture or a splash of colour contrast, it can look plain and boring!

Experiment, play a little, and surprise yourself and others with how great you can look and feel by adding a bit of colour interest to your outfits!