“Stress Free Dressing brings together the factors that I have found the most relevant and important when it comes to making clothing selections and putting them together well.  If we sort out our wardrobes, learn a few tricks and how to get it right at the shopping stage, then getting it right at the dressing stage becomes a ‘walk in the park’. ” – Deb Sawyer

Stress Free Dressing:  How to Mix & Match with Confidence



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Here’s what others say about about Deb’s book:


“Stress Free Dressing is an inspirational and informative book, aimed at helping women learn for themselves the things that will hlep them feel better, dress better and look great!”

Roslyn Paul:  Lecturer/Consultant, Retail Industry Training Centre, Swan TAFE, Western Australia

“Ok, I admit it! I have worn predominantly black for years because I was always told that black makes you look thinner, and heaven knows I could do with a few less kilos.  If you looked into my wardrobe, 80% of the items were either black, black or BLACK!

“Enter Deb Sawyer with her Stree Free Dressing.  I learned how to add colour, firstly through accessories, such as jewellery, scarves, handbags and shoes.  As Deb says, it doesn’t cost any more to buy an item in a colour other than black.   I soon grew in confidence about which colours really suited me and it’s easy to tell by the amount of compliments I now recieve.

” I would definitely recommend this ultimate handbook for anyone wanting to dress without stress!”

Teressa Dona:  Speaker and Turn Around Specialist,

“I first met Deb 30 years ago.  In 2009, when visiting Deb, she asked me why I wore so much black.  With a great sigh I explained that with the onset of hormones, a sedentary job, a very busy lifestyle, plus the creeping up of the kilos, I just felt like a frump, I felt awful and it was safe to wear black.

“I asked Deb to come shopping with me but, beforehand, we discussed some things that she had asked me to think about.  A little guidance and confidence worked wonders! Before long we had a great top to go with the trousers I had taken with me, then I found jewellery to go with it, and all of a sudden it seemed to click! We went looking in other shops, found other outfitds and I had a ball!

“Coming home I looked at my wardrobe in a new light.  The question, ‘What am I going to wear tomorrow?’ no longer bothers me.  I now find it very exciting to look at what other people wear and ask myself, “Does that work? How would I change  it?’ I have come to know the garments that I really like and that work together well for me.  I am back to wanting to dress up and go out as I have more confidence.  Stress free dressing will give you that confidence!

“Thanks Deb for taking the time, and helping me see outside my square; to see that there are other options and that it is possible to look great just by using a few simple techniques.  It has made me feel more feminine and a lot happier.”

– Helen Greeve:  Executive Assistant, Public Service 


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