Meet Deb Sawyer

Deb Sawyer

Deb Sawyer

Deb Sawyer was born in Perth, Western Australia, in 1956.  She grew up on a farm with her family near Boyup Brook, in the south west of the state.  They later moved to Perth for education and work reasons.  After completing Year 12 Deb trained and worked as a School Dental Therapist.

In 1977 she married her husband, John, an auto-electrician.  Her interest in craft and swing saw her buy into a Craft and Gift shop, teaching there and at night school.  The shop was sold when her first child was born and she was happily a stay-at-home mum and wife through the 1980’s.  Deb kept busy with her 3 young children, dressmaking, school activities including teaching sewing and craft.  Fete committees, gardening, tennis and more sewing, for herself and others!  During this time Deb learned the benefits of wearing her best colours and styles, reading all she could find on the subject.

In 1988 John and Deb started their own Auto-Electrical business where Deb helped out, getting her hands dirty, along with reception, bookkeeping, etc.  Later, Deb completed retail fashion training leading to employment in a ladies fashion stores, which added to her knowledge and experience.

In 2005 Deb joined a property mentoring group with a strong focus on Personal Development.  This saw her attend Anthony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within seminar (“Life will never be the same again!”) and complete a Fire Walk.  Many more books, seminars and adventures have followed, including a 50th birthday tandem skydive for charity.  More seminars led to her joining Global Publishing’s “How to Write a Bestseller” course which resulted in the book, Stress Free Dressing.

Deb is available for workshops, speaking engagements and personal consultations and will continue to encourage women to dress better, feel fantastic and live their lives to the full!