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Hi Valued Readers,

It has been pointed out to me that my site has been hacked and rogue advertisments for products I definitely DON”T endorse have been posted. I have removed most of them but need help with the remaining one, which will be removed asap. I would appreciate advise of anything similar in the future.

I also learned recently the the email address for my website was incorrect and may be related to the hacking. If you have emailed me and felt ignored I appologise! The correction has been made and I am now receiving, and replying to emails. I¬†would love to hear from you with regard to how Stress Free Dressing has impacted you, and/or about relevant things you are interested in learning more about. What I don’t know I will attempt to research and we can learn together!

Let’s add some more colour to this great world of ours,

Cheers Deb

Deb gives books away at Bike Week

Bike Week Book Giveaway

Bike Week Book Giveaway



Deb’s book giveaway at Bike Week, 2011.

The girls told Deb that you can dress in whatever you like…it doesn’t have to be lycra.

You can dress well and cycle!