See Me – Wear Me!

The Stress Free Dressing way to add colour easily.


If you want to add colour and interest to your everyday dress or style you must be able to see your pieces with minimal effort.

At talks and while doing my Wardrobe Workouts with ladies I am often asked how I store my scarves, jewellery and other pieces of clothing.

I have made a point of hanging as much as is possible, because that way I can see it easily. That said, I have had the luxury of a large wardrobe space which just happened to come with our house. It has been re-fitted over the last couple of years and is now ‘perfect’. (Typically – just in time for us to move house! I have some serious culling to do to fit into smaller wardrobe space in future).

I will share some ways I store various items. Get your jewelry out from under your bed and put it on display! It is pretty as well as functional, and an easy way to dress yourself up without huge effort or expense.

I would love to see how you display your pretty accessories so we can all learn and enjoy.







For Erin on her 26th Birthday

Erin's childhood treasures

Recently I had a lovely time creating some memories for my daughter who is now a delightful young woman. As Mums do, I had kept some of her baby treasures until she was old enough to appreciate them. They include clothing, books and soft toys.

I am going to share them with you. In part, today’s post relates to looking after things so that they are in good enough condition to hand down the generations.

You will see a lot of Erin’s teddy-cat, who was called Puffy. In the picture here you will see what Puffy started out like, and what she ended up like after being ‘loved to death’! We purchased the new one (named Tasha) in case she lost the first one she was totally attached to, but she didn’t want to know about poor Tasha! Puffy has been re-stitched, re-dressed, re-stuffed and re-paired…but is now skinny and threadbare and pretty much beyond help!

Erin at 6 months with Grandma tickling her

Erin at 11 months

Erin's Tartan dress

On the right, Erin is exploring her back yard in a dress from her Scottish aunty; and with me (Deb), back when I sewed most of my clothes, and before I realized that I should never wear white!

Sitting comfortably on the kitchen bench

Here she is, sitting in the corner of my kitchen bench, with a slightly grubbier Puffy already in a new dress. (Note the trendy late 1970’s tiles!)

Almost 2 yrs and with her 2 big brothers’ Smurfs.

Erin at 2 and a bit

Matching flouro outfits

When your Mum sews, you and your Cabbage Patch doll get trendy matching fluro outfits! Erin dressed for a friend’s birthday party.

A jumper to match Erin's favourite book

I was always into craft pursuits and used fabric paint, leaf prints and stitching to transform a grubby, hand-me-down jumper into an artwork based on one of Erin’s favourite books.

I hope you have enjoyed my little journey back in time, and that you have some treasures to share with your loved ones. Maybe my ideas will help you do so. Have a colourful day!



Reduce the chance of Colour Runs

My colour washing drying in the shade

Let’s look at new and old ways to reduce the chance of colour runs in our laundry.

Today was the day for some hand washing which had been accumulating after a few special occasion wears. I don’t like to spoil any clothes with colours running, but I really don’t want it to happen with more expensive and/or special clothing pieces.

Eucalyptus scented wool wash

I use a wool wash containing Eucalyptus for my hand washing as it smells nice, and you don’t especially need to rinse it out. That works for me. Where I thought colour run was possible I added both of the products below. Overkill – but I couldn’t ignore the old method I usually rely on.

New (to me anyway!):

I was recently made aware of a product called Colour Catcher & Fabric Softener by a company called Punch, which they claim prevents colour runs  Freshens your clothing (*Read precautions before use).

The precautions include following the clothing label instructions, and washing dark and light washes separately.

2-in-1 Colour Catcher

Colour Catcher made by Punch


The thing I have always used to help stop colour runs is straight from the pantry – SALT! I guess it’s what our mothers and grandmothers used. I have certainly found it helpful in the past, and so easily available. I tend to keep a large container in the laundry.

I forgot to use it recently when I decided to re-wash some ‘treasures’ I had kept. They were some of my (now adult) daughter’s baby clothes and her favourite teddy-cat’s clothes. I ended up with some runs, which, while annoying, will not ruin the clothing after all this time. The teddy-clothes need replacing anyway.

My old-fashioned helper - Salt

Colour-run happened when I forgot the salt!

I will re-wash the red dress (which should have white – not pink – smocking) with Colour Catcher and see if it helps after the event. Don’t know why I forgot the salt, but these things happen!

We have to do these jobs but we can make them as simple as we can. Have fun!

 PS: I have re-washed the little red dress. I have to say I was absolutely stunned and delighted with the result. I put the dress in a bucket with the Colour Catcher sachet and forgot about it for a few hours. Risky really! When I noticed it again, the sachet was an orange red, but the little (previously pink) hearts on the dress were white again! I was amazed. It is one thing to stop colour running but quite another to remove the excess after the damage was done.

Even the old teddy-cat dress came out considerably better. The brown stains were removed, and the dye-runs lessened.

Before Colour Catcher

After Colour Catcher

Stunning results!

Old towels washed with colour catcher

What home remedy do you use in the laundry to keep your clothes looking fresh and new? Share your tips by commenting on this post.

Stepping out with Avon

Comfy strappy sandals from Avon

I recently ‘stepped out’, so to speak, for the first time and purchased a pair of ‘Strappy Wedge Sandals’ from AVON.

I have to say I am delighted with them! I am basically a size 8 (although as I often wear orthotics, I sometimes need a larger size) and ordered away. The sandals fits perfectly, and have a stud fastening which allows a reasonable adjustment.

They are amazingly light and cushioned, as they have a rubber wedge.

The reasons I took the chance on the purchase – apart from loving red – were:

* To get a shoe with height that was still quite ‘flat’ under my foot.

* The straps cross-over fairly low on your foot which visually lengthens your leg. While I have long legs I prefer to avoid a visually shortening ankle strap.

* I don’t like the feel of toe thongs so the open sandal look appealed to me.

* I have been looking to replace a couple of red pair of sandals with a really nice – but comfortable – pair.

* They cost $39.95 which is pretty reasonable.

Looking good in red

I have received many positive comments when I have worn the sandals, so I know they are definitely winners. Avon has many other shoe and boot styles, and a great returns policy, so it is likely more shoe purchases will follow!

Looking after your Boots


Keeping boots upright <a href=

Boots stored but not looking fantastic!

I wanted to show you an easy way of keeping your boots looking their best. It eliminates rolled up newspaper, rolled coloured paper, or just bent-in-half boots!

All you need is one pool noodle per two pair of boots, and something to cut the noodle with. I used my electric knife, but another sharp knife would do.

A pool noodle

More than one use!


Cutting pool noodles
Another sharp knife would do.
Neat and Tidy!
Pool noodles will keep your boots looking great.

Store your boots well and they will look great next winter. (You will still have to dust them down though!)


The Difference Colour Can Make

Deb Sawyer demonstrates the difference that adding colour can make to your wardrobe and how different colours do different things for you.

Choosing and wearing colours that flatter you – rather than over-using black and washed-out neutrals – is one of the quickest and most economical ways to look youthful and up-to-date. It costs no more to buy colour than black, but it can do so much good to how you look and feel!

Be adventurous with colour! It is very easy and safe to stay monochromatic, wearing shades of one colour. There is nothing wrong with monochromatic, and it can be done well if you add some different textures for interest, but without texture or a splash of colour contrast, it can look plain and boring!

Experiment, play a little, and surprise yourself and others with how great you can look and feel by adding a bit of colour interest to your outfits!